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Preparing and Enjoying Foods for Head and Neck Cancer Patients and Survivors During the Holidays

Ask our experts and survivor panelists how to make holiday gatherings more inclusive for head and neck cancer patients with healthy, easy-to-eat dishes and tips for managing the social impacts of eating difficulties.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021  |  4:30 - 5:30pm Eastern

Chat Questions

Q1 Many head and neck #cancer patients and survivors will be seeing extended family for the first time since treatment. What is the best way to handle feeling uncomfortable eating (or not eating) with others at the table? 

Q2 I will be traveling out of town for the #holidays. How do I manage my tube feedings and need for special foods? 

Q3 I have severe dysphagia and have to use a variety of swallowing techniques/strategies at the table when eating. I'm worried that people will find that odd. What strategies can I use? 

Q4 My dry mouth really limits my ability to enjoy eating and I'm concerned that I won't be able to eat and enjoy traditional Thanksgiving foods. What are some suggestions? #AskHNCA Q5 As a patient/survivor, what are some strategies to use during the holidays to help me feel more calm and at ease? 

Q6 Who can I talk to if I feel overwhelmed by the holidays and how to handle them? 

Q7 Ellen, as a survivor, what are some things you do to make events more comfortable and enjoyable?

Chat Leaders

Merry Sebelik, MD

Head and Neck SurgeryOtolaryngology

Emory University

Atlanta, GA


Lisa Maccaroni

Clinical Dietitian/CDE Nutrition & Dietetics

Hendricks Regional Health

Danville, IN


Liza Blumenfeld, MA, CCC-SLP, BCS-S

Hanna and Mark Gleiberman Head and Neck Cancer Center

University of California, San Diego

San Diego, CA


Ellen Sheffer
HPV-attributed Oropharyngeal Cancer Survivor

San Luis Obispo County Office of Education
San Luis Obispo, CA

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I had no idea that HPV could cause head and neck cancer. I am an advocate for everyone I know. I don’t want them to experience what I and my family experienced because we did not know about this sexually transmitted virus.Tina O’Dell
Survivor of HPV-Attributed Stage III Squamous Cell

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