One of the newest chapters is located in Massachusetts and is currently working on expanding the MA chapter board to cover other areas of the state.

Chapter Officers

Arthur Laurentano, MD: President
Matthew Katz, MD: Vice President
Meg Lemire-Berthel, MSW: Secretary
Klaudia Hunter, MD: Treasurer

Members at large:

William O’Meara, MD
Katie Wolman, SLP
Kylie Johnson, MS, RD, LDN
Suzanne Barczak, RN
Murat Anamur, MD
Louis Stylos, DMD

For more information about this chapter, please contact Margaret Lemire-Berthel, MSW at Margaret.lemire-berthel@lowell

Upcoming Events

Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Milton — Free Screening — Milton, MA (5/9: 2PM-4PM)

1-866-792-HNCA (4622)

I believe that my success as a cancer patient is first due to the process of recognition on a basic level, that something in my body was not the same as it was and I was worse off.Jessica Tar
National Spokesperson for HNCA & squamous cell carcinoma survivor

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