HPV Prevention Week Is Set for January 24-30, 2022

Members of American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA), Global Initiative Against HPV and Cervical Cancer (GIAHC), and Indiana University are once again collaborating to present the Us vs. HPV Prevention Week, January 24-30, 2022. The goal of the initiative is to increase public and practitioner awareness of HPV, HPV-related diseases, and the importance of HPV vaccination.

The 2022 HPV Prevention Week schedule will be coming soon. 

Below was the scheduled webinar series for 2021. Each day of the week focuses on a different HPV-related topic, with daily free webinars. Thursday, January 28, 2021, was dedicated to head and neck cancer. 

Get the Facts About HPV

Webinar Series

The US vs. HPV Webinar Series is hosted by American Medical Women's Association (AMWA) and Global Initiative Against HPV and Cervical Cancer (GIAHC), with webinars offered through Indiana University.  

The 1-hour webinars (12:00 - 1:00 pm EST daily) are intended for members of the public, patients, health care providers, and anyone else who wishes to learn more about HPV, HPV-related diseases, and HPV prevention including vaccination. Download the webinar schedule here.

Monday, Jan. 25, 2021

12:00 - 1:00 pm EST

Preventing HPV‐Cancers in the Covid‐19 Era: Renew, Rethink, Rebuild

Moderator: Theresa Rohr‐Kirchgraber, MD, FACP, FAMWA

  • How Covid‐19 Could Improve Care: Insights, Challenges and
  • Who to Vaccinate? Weighing in on Differing Recommendations
  • Key Changes to Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines

Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2021

12:00 - 1:00 pm EST

Expanding the Us vs. HPV Coalition

Moderator: Ana M. Viamonte‐Ros, MD, MPH

  • The Role of Nurses and Advanced Practice Nurses in the Global Initiative Against HPV and Cervical Cancer
  • The Role of Pharmacists in Reducing HPV‐Related Diseases
  • Storytelling: A Powerful Tool to Promote HPV Vaccination

Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2021

12:00 - 1:00 pm EST

Eliminating Cervical Cancer: A Disease of Disparities & Inequities

Moderators: Madelon L. Finkel, PhD

  • The Beginning of the End‐ WHO’s Formal Adoption of Cervical Cancer Elimination Strategy
  • Technologies to Enable Cervical Cancer Elimination
  • Supporting Cervical Cancer Elimination through Research, Campaigns and Grants

Thursday, Jan. 28, 2021

12:00 - 1:00 pm EST

HPV‐Oropharyngeal Cancers: Give it a Shot

Moderator: Cecelia E. Schmalbach, MD, MSc, FACS

  • An Update on HPV‐related Throat Cancer: Time to Prevent is Now
    Michael G. Moore, MD, FACS
  • HPV Vaccine: A Vaccine that Prevents Cancer
    Margot Savoy, MD, MPH, FAAFP, FABC, CPE, CMQ, FAAPL
  • HPV‐Induced Oropharyngeal Cancer: The Patient & Partner Perspective
    Thomas Howerton, BSRT
    Julie Howerton, NP, CNS, MBA

Friday, Jan. 29, 2021

12:00 - 1:00 pm EST

Getting a Leg up on Social Media

Moderators: Prarthana Vasudevan, MS, MSPH

  • Building a Social Media Presence: More Important Now than Ever
  • Framing the Conversation: Effectively  Communicating when there is Misinformation
  • Flesh & Blood Connections in a Digital World: NCCC & Social Media
  • Using Social Media Towards Cervical Cancer Elimination
  • Healing, Creativity, and Collective Expression Amidst a Pandemic: The Corona Quilt Project
  • HPV and Cervical Cancer Champion Award

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