Recipe Contest

HNCA has heard from many HNC survivors, patients and caregivers that eating is a challenge. Even harder is enjoying foods that are nutritious and taste good. Therefore, we are delighted to begin the HNCA Nutrition Program to offer tips and recipes to improve your quality of life.

HNCA is seeking nutritious and tasty home-created recipes for head and neck cancer patients and survivors. By submitting your very own recipe, you may have the opportunity to win a Vitamix® Blender and have your homemade recipe featured on the HNCA website.

To submit your favorite family recipe for head and neck cancer patients and survivors, please send to or by filling the online submission form. Please note that at this time, ONLY U.S. participants are eligible to win a Vitamix Blender. The Head and Neck Cancer Alliance will still appreciate all submissions worldwide and can have recipes listed on our website and/or possibly have it included in the HNCA 3rd edition cookbook. When submitting, please be sure to include the following:

  • Name of homemade Recipes
  • Individual’s first and last name, along City, State of Current Residence
  • Photo of your completed dish/beverage from your recipe
  • Permission of usage for the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance to utilize recipe as necessary
  • Optional: Why you believe your home-created recipe is Award-Winning and benefits the head and neck cancer patient and survivors?

Recipes will be evaluated, tasted and the select 3 recipe creators will receive a free Vitamix® Blender quarterly and recipes will be included on the HNCA website’s recipe page.

1-866-792-HNCA (4622)

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