2020 Oral Head and Neck Cancer Awareness® Program Spokesperson and voice actor, Rob Paulsen – Voice Actor was recently interviewed by Radio Soup to talk about a variety of topics, including, his experience with throat cancer and OHANCAW®. LISTEN NOW.
Our 2020 OHANCAW® Spokesperson, Rob Paulsen, talks about his battle with throat cancer with FOX Business Network’s The Claman Countdown. LISTEN NOW.
HNCA Ambassador, Steward Lyman was interviewed on vaccines as part of a radio show, A Public Affair, on station WORT in Madison, WI. He talked about some of the factors that contribute to vaccine hesitancy and also about the importance of the HPV vaccine. LISTEN NOW.
On May 15, HNCA Board Chairman, Dr. Terry Day participated in a CancerCare Connect workshop called What’s New in the Treatment of Oral, Head and Neck Cancer. LISTEN NOW.
OHANCAW® 2019 spokesperson and drummer of poison, Rikki Rockett, spoke with Jiggy Jaguar show to talk about his oral, head and neck cancer and how it impacted his life. LISTEN NOW.
OHANCAW® 2019 spokesperson and drummer of poison, Rikki Rockett, kicks off Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week® with a special talk with CURE about his cancer journey and how it is important to “Open Up and Say Ahh” during the free screenings offered worldwide. LISTEN NOW.
OHANCAW® 2019 spokesperson Rikki Rockett was treated by HNCA’s own Dr. Ezra Cohen. Learn more about Rikki’s journey, novel treatments for head and neck cancer, and the importance of clinical trials in this podcast, featuring Dr. Cohen. LISTEN NOW.
Jason Mendelsohn shared his cancer story and his events, Smashed Cancer, a whiskey, wine and beer reception that takes place at Flemings Steakhouse on October 7th and Smash Cancer, a tennis tournament at the USTA National Campus at Lake Nona on November 3rd. LISTEN NOW.
Jason Mendelsohn talks about his cancer story and HPV-related cancer prevention for boys and girls. LISTEN NOW.
Former NBA great and tongue cancer survivor, Michael Cooper, gets serious about screenings and his campaign with the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance. LISTEN NOW
HNCA President Dr. Terry Day talks about the prevention and early detection of head and neck cancer. LISTEN NOW
HNCA President Dr. Terry Day discusses HPV-related throat cancer on South Carolina Public Radio’s Health Focus. LISTEN NOW


HNCA Chairman, Dr. Terry Day, had a Q&A on HPV and head and neck cancer featured in MUSC’s newsletter. READ NOW
HNCA ambassador, Stewart Lyman, launched his counter-narrative to the anti-vaccine movement. His Scientific American opinion piece, “While Searching for the Perfect Vaccine, Keep Using the Very Good”, describes just how valuable vaccines are, and how the anti-vaccine movement has failed to live up to its own distorted rhetoric. READ NOW
Dr. Carole Fakhry, was featured in an U.S. News & World Report article encouraging HPV vaccine as a prevention for head and neck cancer.READ NOW
Dr. Jatin P. Shah, HNCA board member and oncologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center collaborated with Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre in Mumbai, India to “bring the finest care to the patients suffering from mouth and throat cancer.” READ NOW
Dr. Carole Fakhry and colleagues from Johns Hopkins in Baltimore collected oral rinse samples of patients as part of a recently published study in JAMA Oncology about using human papillomavirus (HPV) DNA as a potentially effective biomarker for HPV-related head and neck cancer. READ NOW
Dr. Itzhak Brook of Georgetown University School of Medicine was featured on Health Central in “This Doctor Lost His Vocal Cords To Cancer: What Life is Like Now.” READ NOW
HNCA Ambassadors worked with Health Central to share some helpful advice in “Head and Neck Cancer Survivors Share Tried-and-True Tips for Oral Care After Treatment.” READ NOW
  Jason Mendelsohn organized a Smash Cancer Tennis Fundraising Tournament at USTA National Campus in Orlando. READ NOW
Dr. Itzhak Brook of Georgetown University School of Medicine was featured in the Jerusalem Post in, “An Israeli Physician Helps Improve the Lives throughout the Middle East.” READ NOW
  Jason Mendelsohn had his HPV-related cancer story featured on the website of the International Papillomavirus Society. READ NOW
Dr. Michael G. Moore of UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center was featured on Health Central in “11 Things a Head and Neck Cancer Doctor Wants You to Know.” READ NOW
Meryl Kaufman, MED, CCC-SLP, BCS-S, was featured on Health Central in “How to Deal With Speech and Eating Problems After Head and Neck Cancer” READ NOW

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We don't know what the future holds. Let's work together to drum out head and neck cancer and take advantage of the free oral, head and neck cancer screenings during OHANCAW®.Rikki Rockett
Drummer of Poison, HPV-attributed Oropharyngeal Cancer Survivor, 2019 OHANCAW® Spokesperson

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