Join the Ready. Raise. Rise. Pic Your Power Challenge!

HNCA is participating in the Ready. Raise. Rise. Pic Your Power challenge, and we hope you will too! Visit DiscoverIO on Facebook to share a photo showing how you harness your unique inner power to rise up against cancer. Be sure to include a sign that says #ReadyRaiseRise in your image.

With a total of 100 photo submissions, Bristol-Myers Squibb will donate $250,000 to be split evenly across participating cancer advocacy groups, like HNCA.

Submit a photo before the challenge ends on September 20, 2018! Visit for more information about the challenge.

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I believe that my success as a cancer patient is first due to the process of recognition on a basic level, that something in my body was not the same as it was and I was worse off.Jessica Tar
National Spokesperson for HNCA & squamous cell carcinoma survivor

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