Sending Thoughts and Prayers for #KellyTough

The Head and Neck Cancer Alliance is sending our thoughts and prayers to Jim Kelly and his family. We were deeply saddened to learn that Jim is facing a recurrence of oral cancer and will undergo further treatment.

The former Buffalo Bills QB and Hall of Famer Kelly, a strong advocate in the head and neck cancer community for the past decade, served as a spokesperson for the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance’s 2017 Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week (OHANCAW), advocating for early detection through FREE screening/awareness events offered by our health system partners during OHANCAW®.

Over the past 2 years, we have had the pleasure of working with Jim as he offered strategies to help patients with their cancer journey. Jim served as the spokesperson for Your Cancer Game Plan, www.yourcancergameplancom, a program designed to educate and empower people living with cancer and their caregivers for managing emotional and physical challenges.

Jim and his family continually remind us that strength, determination and a positive attitude are also key components of battling and outlasting life’s challenges. #KellyTough

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As a decade-long survivor of stage IV tongue cancer and Founder of WesternOhio Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Support, Hank refers to head and neck cancer as an “orphan” cancer: “Very little is known about head and neck cancer, and comparatively, it receives less attention than other cancers. HNCA is working to change this.Hank Deneski
Survivor of Stage IV tongue cancer and Founder of WesternOhio Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Support

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