Social Media Campaigns

HNCA is pleased to participate in and connect patients, survivors, and caregivers to a number of social media awareness campaigns throughout the year. Social campaigns are a great way to raise awareness of head and neck cancers, cutting edge treatments, patient resources, and more.


HNCA is participating in the Ready.Raise.Rise Pic Your Power challenge to raise awareness of advances in immuno-oncology. The 2018 initiative asks participants to show how they harness their unique inner power to rise up against cancer.

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Your Cancer Game Plan

Your Cancer Game Plan (YCGP) is a health education campaign focused on helping cancer patients and their loved ones tackle their emotional, nutritional, and communication needs. The program encourages people with head and neck cancer and their loved ones to make a “game plan” to support their cancer journey.

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Heads Up!

Designed specifically for head and neck cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers, the HNCA HeadsUp! campaign allows individuals to personalize a HeadsUp! message about their own cancer journey and what they wish others to know about head and neck cancer.

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