Head and Neck Cancer Survivorship Webinar Series

Head & Neck Cancer Alliance, in collaboration with the American Head & Neck Society, hosted a 2020 Head and Neck Cancer Survivorship webinar series once a week from July to August for a total of five sessions. The pre-recorded portion of the five webinars are now available online.

Presented  by:

Head and Neck Cancer Alliance
American Head and Neck Society

Expected Life Changes After Diagnosis with Head and Neck Cancer and Therapy

Medical Presenter: Marci Lee Nilsen, PhD, RN, CHPN
Survivor Presenter: Lyn Garbarino, OTR/ L, CLT

Caring for Your Lymphatic System 

Medical Presenter: Angela Wicker-Ramos, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA
Survivor Presenter: Jacki Rogozinski

Stretching, Strengthening and Posture:
Critical Elements of Self-Care for Head and Neck Cancer Survivors

Medical Presenter: Barbara Murphy, MD
Survivor Presenter: Dawn Sanschagrin

Psychological Issues in the Survivorship Period:
Strategies for Recognizing and Changing Negative Thinking

Medical Presenter: Liz Cash, PhD
Survivor Presenter: David Neu, MBA

How To Be A Survivor Champion

Medical Moderator: Cherie-Ann Nathan, MD
Celebrity Survivor Panelist: Jim Kelly
Celebrity Survivor Panelist: Rob Paulsen
Survivor Panelist: Jason Mendelsohn

Jason is co-founder and President of Ashar Group, LLC, a privately held, nationally licensed firm specializing in the secondary market for life insurance. He is a stage 4 HPV-related oral cancer survivor and serves as the co-chair for the Patient Education Committee for the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance. Jason was first diagnosed back in May 2014 and shortly thereafter had a radical tonsillectomy, neck dissection (42 lymph nodes removed) followed by seven weeks of chemo, radiation and a feeding tube. He made the decision to share his cancer story publicly so that others could learn about HPV-related oral cancer, oral cancer screenings, including the HPV vaccine. He created a website, www.SupermanHPV.com to inspire, educate and encourage others diagnosed with HPV-related oral cancer. Jason is passionate about oral cancer awareness and hopes to eliminate HPV-related oral cancer for future generations.

Learn more about Jason's story.

Survivor Panelist: Gail Jackson

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Even with all of my daily reminders of what this disease has done to me, the permanent reminders, the scars that anyone can see. I remind myself, even on the bad dark days that I fought this horrible disease and I will always fight for the rest of my days.Angie Rush
Survivor of Stage IV Tongue Cancer

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