HNCA is delighted to continue our partnership with Merck on Your Cancer Game Plan and the launch of a new program, With Love, Me. The program features a series of heartfelt letters written by caregivers and cancer survivors to their newly diagnosed selves and other caregivers touching upon what they wish they had known when they were first diagnosed/providing care.

There’s great power in sharing stories, and when it comes to facing cancer, patients and caregivers have found hearing from others affected by cancer may help. Please visit With Love, Me to read and view these personal letters from people impacted by cancer, become inspired and learn more about how to take an active role in developing a “game plan” to address the emotional, health and communication challenges of a cancer journey.

Share your own #WithLoveMe message because your cancer story may help others.


Your Cancer Game Plan

For those newly diagnosed or going through treatment, Merck continues to offer its original Your Cancer Game Plan resources to help guide you and your caregivers through this journey. Create your own cancer game plan today to get healthy recipes, helpful tips on things like managing your health, coping strategies, partnering with caregivers and more. Visit Your Cancer Game Plan!

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I’m not a parent, nor would I ever tell parents what’s best for their own children. But if I was a parent, I would have my daughters and sons vaccinated against HPV. It might save their life.Steve Holzer
Survivor of HPV-attributed Tongue and Neck Cancer

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